Welcome to Thailand.

Language is a key to understanding the people and culture of a nation.
You want to travel to Thailand but you hesitate because you cannot speak Thai.
You studied Thai for a long time but you still cannot remember words used in everyday life.

I can speak Thai   really helps you get the most out of your travels in Thailand.

                   °  No internet connection needed
                °  Choice of male and female voices (PRO Version)
                        ( female voice only for Lite Version )

                °  2,500+ combinations of words and phrases (PRO Version)
                        ( 800+ combinations of words and phrases for Lite Version )

                °  220+ Thai places and food (including pictures) (PRO Version)

                        ( 80+ Thai places and food for Lite Version )

                °  Speak in full sentence, not only word or portion of phrase

                °  Include Thai romanization

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